The Importance of a Social Media Consultant for SMBs

You are a small or medium business and have a range of good products or services that you offer to your customers.

You have been trying traditional marketing methods but you are unhappy with the results, and they are also proving very expensive for you.

Your company is just not doing as well or growing as you had desired. Perhaps, it is time for you to take a good hard look at your marketing methods and approach a Social Media Consultant.

What does a Social Media Consultant do?

I am sure that you have heard about social media marketing and sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, blog and so on.

Do you also know that no matter how small your business, you need to be out there on these sites to promote your business better and to reach out to a widespread local or global audience.  Also, remember that all these sites are supported and accessible on your mobile phones, thereby, further enhancing their reach.

Just to give you an idea of the reach of social media: Facebook has over 500 million subscribers globally.

Twitter has crossed 100 million subscribers. LinkedIn has most of the executives of Fortune 500 companies as its members.

And, Google, let’s face it, everyone Googles when they search — search for information, products or services.

Considering this, if you plan your social media marketing properly, you can capitalize on this huge exposure.

But, there is no one solution fits all approach to social media marketing. And, this is where a skilled Social Media Consultant steps in. They know how to customize your social media campaign to suit your business objectives and needs.

Why must I hire a Social Media Consultant?

They are professionals and have experience and expertise in

  • Setting up accounts in various social media sites
  • Interlinking various media to optimally utilize them
  • Doing regular updates of various accounts.
  • Promoting your new products, events, services etc.
  • Running promotional schemes through social media
  • Helping you in setting up a blog for your website
  • Helping you with SEO content for your website and blog
  • Setting up monitoring mechanism for your various accounts
  • Tracking your social media expenditure and ROI (return on investment)

You could opt for all or any of these services offered by a Social Media Consultant. Best of all, they help you with a comprehensive marketing approach, which is not too heavy on your pocket.

Can you do this yourself?

Certainly! But first, you will need to spend a lot of time in understanding each medium, setting up accounts, updating them and monitoring them.

Chances are that you will not have any experience here, so all the mistakes that you make could cost you precious money.

You might end up spending too much time on this, and that time could be better spent in your business in the areas that you are competent to handle.

So, hire a good Social Media Consultant. A good pointer would be to check their portfolio of work, the brands they have handled and their performance.

That could give you some idea about how good they are at the job they do. So, go on, give social media marketing a try for your business.