Facebook’s new bookmarking feature – SAVE

Earlier this week Facebook announced it’s new feature  for newsfeed called ‘save’. Remember how difficult it was to hunt back a post in history, or search for that music video someone had posted, or re-read an article you had really liked?

Well, with Facebook’s new feature, you can now bookmark items you see on your newsfeed to read them later. These can include links, places, movies, TV, music and more. This can be done on both desktop and mobile devices. You can access the saved items on the web, by clicking on the Saved feature on the left-hand side of your News Feed. It is also visible under your activity log. On your mobile device, clicking on the more tab will enable you to do the same.


(Photo: Courtesy Facebook)

You can choose to keep your saved items private or share them with your Friends. Facebook will also give you reminders in your newsfeed about the items that you have saved.

Facebook’s smart move is directed towards keeping its users within Facebook as opposed to using other popular sites like Pinterest for bookmarking content. Moreover, with Facebook rolling out this new version of Save, it could put it in more direct competition with Twitter, which also centers around news sharing. People have also been using Twitter’s ‘Favorite’ button in a similar fashion to bookmark content.

Facebook in their blog post have claimed that Save will be available to all iOS and Android users, as well as web users, over the next few days.

Has this feature been enabled for you yet? Share your comments on it with us below!