What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing to attract potential customers is a tonne of work.  It can often feel repetitive and you might feel like you’re constantly throwing EDM’s, advertisements, and posts at prospects who may or may not be interested. Marketing automation helps eliminate repetitive work and helps generate and nurture leads. 

This is of benefit as people can get burnt out with a constant stream of content, especially if that content is being sent to thousands of others or is not really relevant to what they need.

Today’s customers want a streamlined experience that feels personalised. Business Owners and Marketing Managers also want to get better quality leads and want to take the struggle and grind out of marketing a business. This is where marketing automation comes in. 

Communications to prospects are automated, although the focus is still very much about delivering value to your customers or prospects.

So what is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the process of using software to make marketing activities happen automatically.  

Instead of individually crafting and sending out chunks of EDM’s, social media posts, and ad campaigns, at different times marketing automation software can increase the overall efficiency of the marketing process and help tailor the marketing experience to customers.

How does marketing automation work in practice?

Automation can help you do many things. Among these are:

  • Planning social media content in advance and automating it instead of having to remember to do it.
  • Lead nurturing by creating content that people want and then running automated email sequences based on their behaviour. This helps a person expand their knowledge about a topic in smaller digestible chunks. An example might be to show a case study or suggest a demo after a person has shown sustained interest in a topic over time.
  • Lead scoring and prioritizing prospects based on their behaviour and psychographics from the forms they have already filled out on your website.
  • Sending transactional messages and notifications to someone on the status of a job they have booked or a product they have purchased.
  • Onboarding a customer with a communication workflow that helps them understand what to expect.

Automating Marketing With Software

Combining your marketing automation with an inbound strategy means that current and future customers alike get the details they need, at the right time, in a place where they look.

To get the best results, you need a sound marketing strategy. Underpinning this is an understanding of the customer journey and what problems they are trying to solve. From there, you can map relevant content to their customer journey and use marketing software to automate the process with workflows.

HubSpot has fantastic marketing automation tools to make sure that your leads and customers receive content that is useful and personally tailored towards them. At the heart of this are workflows, where each step in the process is automated based on the actions the user takes. This takes out the repetitiveness of manually doing those tasks.

HubSpot’s automated marketing tools will help you to meet the needs and demands of your prospects by taking into account their activity across all marketing destinations.   The goal is to attract leads and nurture them by providing valuable information with the aim of turning them into customers.

At the heart of HubSpot is its CRM, which integrates nicely with HubSpot Marketing. The Marketing toolset also includes lead scoring, list segmentation, social media, forms, call to action, landing pages, and email. 

So, if your business is in the business of generating leads and producing high-quality content; marketing automation can take your strategy to the next level and bring more quality leads to your business. Even better, it can also help nurture leads when they are not ready to buy and also helps sales teams prioritise leads so they focus on the best quality. 

Need assistance deciding which CRM marketing software would suit your business? 

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