2019 Digital Marketing Predictions: 8 Things You Need To Know

Two computers on the desk with a keyboard, mouse and a cup

With 2018 over and all its happenings included, 2019 has arrived and with it comes new ideas, concepts, technologies and prospects.

You can read our previous blog post on what happened in the digital landscape in 2018 to see how this has helped view our outlook and developed our 2019 predictions.

We see 2019 being a year of evolution – 2018 brought many theories into the public eye and showed us the many capabilities of devices, ideas and humans that we hadn’t seen before.

With that said, it means 2018 never truly executed, so 2019 is here to solidify and do exactly that – execute.

Are you prepared for the next evolution of Artificial Intelligence?

Here are some key predictions for 2019.

1. Machine Learning

Machine learning was a big talking point which began to come into the public eye in 2018.

Born from pattern recognition, machine learning looks at computers’ understanding beyond a plugged-in program or task. It is an understanding that the machines can develop, look at data and derive their own conclusion and probable action based on previous actions.

2019 promises a big uptake in the use of machine learning. Google has already put machine learning into the hands of advertisers on their network.

2. Marketing automation & behavioural based email marketing

This looks at using data you’re receiving as a business and using it to your advantage.

What information do you already know about your customer or prospects? How can you tweak the information you provide to them to customise their experience and make it more personal? How can you then automate parts of this process to provide a truly unique experience that is based on the behaviour the prospect has taken.

3. Content Marketing – Pillar and topic clusters

There is too much content in the world today – we can’t possibly consume it all, so how do you rise to the top?

More structure and more focussed content will be the key.

Pillar pieces and topic clusters will look at creating content that has a purpose, and if done correctly will position your company as an authority in its marketplace.

We’ve been on this path for a couple of years now and plan to take our clients on this journey for content and best SEO tactics for 2019.

Amazon's Alexa with a screen in the background

As we’ve discussed in our voice search video, this concept will require an entirely different SEO strategy.

Siri, Alexa and Google have all primed consumers for voice search.

This year will see the convenience of a voice search being used to its full potential.

5. Video

Video will remain king in the content space.

People have affirmed their love for video consumption above other ways to consume content. As businesses and marketers, it’s important to always include video in your marketing strategy.

6. Bots

Paper robot

Whilst so many people had written off bots, 2018 showed signs that they are getting better and may actually survive and flourish.

Recognition and utilisation are just beginning as bots’ capabilities are being revised and understood.

Keep your finger on the pulse as they could prove to be incredibly beneficial if utilised correctly.

7. Change in native advertising- influencers

Influencers have proved their worth to marketers as their efficacy and monetary value outweighed the traditional marketing techniques.

The consumer on the other hand is now seeing the ramifications of building trust with any given influencer being ‘betrayed’ by corporations.

As a result, in 2019, there will be more transparency.

The scepticism being felt by consumers needs to lift and there needs to be a respective change in what mutually suits businesses, influencers and consumers.

8. What will Google force upon us in the wake of Google+?

With Google+ planning to remove some components in 2019, we can only imagine Google has something in the pipeline.

As such an all-powerful and vastly influential corporation we’re beginning to wonder what they have in store and how it will change the digital landscape as we know it today.

Nothing surprising in the list provided above – most are predicting similar.

None of these are actually in the top of our list though.

Our Number 1 Prediction is something we believe most have missed, once again being blindsided by technology and the shiny object syndrome!!

The Number 1 Trend and Prediction for 2019 will be…..

Humans Still Reign Supreme

A man standing in the middle of the road.

Yes, everyone is talking technology and digital trends, and as a full-service digital agency we are naturally along similar lines, but what they’ve missed is the human touch.

For understanding of individual situations and challenges, and providing trustworthy, honest and transparent advice, no machine can help you like an actual human can.

As my good friend and super savvy marketing colleague, Brent Hodgson, outlined recently:

“Human’s build rapport, systems build capacity and scale”.

The key point here is that whilst machines allow for efficiency, scalability and repeatability, nothing beats human interaction.

The rapport fellow humans build provides loyalty and a culture that is unparalleled with any machine.

At Swoop, this is one thing we’re very aware of, being open with our clients and giving them a relationship they can trust.

So it’s not Happy New Year – it’s Happy New Era!!

CPC will stop meaning Cost Per Click and start meaning, Cost Per Conversation.

Humans hold the knowledge and power so people with knowledge, answers and expertise will stand out and rise above a content-consuming, knowledge-hungry society.

Our wrap up is simple: utilise all these predictions to your advantage.

Use them to grow your business – understand the capabilities and strengths or at least do your research on them to stay ahead of the pack.

Some of these predications may sound far off- regardless; we predict they’re coming. You either evolve or get left behind.

Swoop Digital considers the past, future and present in all their interactions. A rounded mind, with you in the centre, sets Swoop apart.  

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