Social Media: 140% Increase in Leads in 30 Days

A client was running Facebook ads with another agency but had no idea if their social marketing was actually working.

In reviewing their account, the advertising objectives and lack of tracking meant that the campaigns were ineffective and impossible to measure. In addition, the target audiences were too broad and out of sync with the client’s ideal customer profile.

Swoop’s Solution

  • Set up conversion tracking in Facebook.
  • Changed the Facebook ads strategy to focus on 3 different objectives.
  • Set up more specific audience targeting and messages to match the target audience.
  • Implemented a social media strategy and posting schedule to grow Facebook and Instagram fan base.

Outstanding Results

We achieved the following results:

  • After 1 month of working with us, the Cost Per Click (CPC) decreased from $1.47 to 0.70c, and the number conversions increased from 0 to 30.
  • The following month, conversions increased 140% & Click Through Rate (CTR) increased from 1.03% to 2.72%.
  • Page engagement increased fivefold.
  • The clients are now also able to measure what channel each lead came from & how the lead has translated into a sale.

But we never get complacent with clients. The results continue 2 years later:

  • The social campaigns now consistently deliver leads.
  • CPC and CTR are still similar to what it was 2 years ago despite rising ad costs from increased ad competition.
  • The quality and quantity of traffic to the website from social media has significantly improved.
  • The Facebook fan base has more than doubled and the Instagram fan base (which started off at zero) has nearly caught up to Facebooks.

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