How to Get Off Page One of Google


Most people ask us for help to get onto page one, position one on Google. However, sometimes we have people ask the complete opposite.

Normally, this is because there is negative information about them that they would keep private. Most times the situation can occur through no fault of their own. It just happens. Sometimes they made an enemy.

Getting off page one of Google can be more challenging then getting to page one.

The reason for this is because, normally when you aim to get on page one, there is usually one critical keyword that you want to rank for. So part of the strategy is to build contextual links for that keyword and ensure that they point to the relevant page on the website.

However, when you want to remove something (or at least bury it) you need to send links to multiple locations. This means that instead of getting one property to rank, you are trying to get multiple properties to rank for a keyword.

Sending links to multiple properties can mean that instead of focusing on building links to one property, you need to focus the same amount of effort on multiple properties. This means managing your reputation on the web can definitely be more expensive than just focusing on building links to one place.

What can be really frustrating is that you get one property to rank above the offending property but instead of expecting the offending property to push down, what happens is that other pages that were ranked above it get pushed down.

So moving a page above another does not necessarily mean that the page you want to be pushed down gets pushed down.

It is quite an interesting dance

So a little dance occurs. For example, suppose the offensive article was on page one, position 9. You buy a keyword-rich domain and get it to rank on page one position three within hours. Most people would expect that the article that was in position ten would disappear right? Wrong?

What can happen is that something in position seven or even eight could move to the second page leaving the offensive article in the same position.

So how to Get off page one of Google

  1. Check the page titles of your existing website and see if any page titles can be changed
  2. Buy a keyword rich domain name, build out a website and fill it with content
  3. Create a video and upload to You Tube ensuring that the title is keyword optimized
  4. Create PDFs and upload them to a resources section of your website. Google gobble up PDFs.
  5. Build backlinks to multiple properties that you own (e.g. secondary pages on your website) and your social media profiles
  6. Try and send links to other properties that sit below the offensive material
  7. Use keyword rich and relevant anchor text for your links
  8. Use local directory listings
  9. Avoid sending links to pages that are potentially at risk of being banned or removed is a waste of time