Retail: Reduced Budget, Tripled Revenue & Increased Conversion Rate by 113%

Crumpler approached Swoop Digital to improve the performance and Return on Investment (ROI) of their Google Ads campaign.

The Challenge

  • Swoop needed to quickly improve the ROI as revenue was less than half of what had been invested

Swoop’s Solution

  • Set up brand new campaigns
  • Added new keywords with different match types
  • Negative keywords were added to prevent irrelevant queries
  • Ad copy was changed and ad extensions were added

Outstanding Results

  • After one month, we achieved the following results:
  • 56% decrease in Ad Spend
  • 52% decrease in Cost per Acquisition
  • 113% increase in Conversion Rate
  • Turned a campaign from being unprofitable to profitable
  • All while achieving a similar number of conversions

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