Not-for-profit: Google Grants Account Rescued in 12 Days

To prevent Anglicare’s Google Grant account from being terminated, we needed to increase the click through rate to 5% in just 12 days in order to comply with Google’s Terms and Conditions.

The Challenge

  • Increase click through rate from 3% to 5% in 12 days
  • Achieve at least a 5% CTR for two consecutive months

Swoop’s Solution

  • Rebuilt the campaign
  • Added new keywords
  • Added negative keywords to prevent ads from showing for irrelevant terms.
  • Re-wrote ad copy and added ad extensions to help give ads more real estate
  • Put conversion tracking in place to evaluate performance
  • Adjusted bidding strategies to generate more impressions

Outstanding Results

  • Increased CTR from 3.34% to 16.86%
  • Retained access to the Google Grants program

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